President’s Message – November

Thought Provoking Regional Meeting

Your President Elect and I just returned from the South Central Regional Planning Meeting in Frisco, TX.  It was held at the Comfort Suites.  Our CSI region has this meeting every fall.  Friday is a day of leadership training.  Then we have a dinner or outing like Top Golf.  Later we gather at the hospitality suite to relax and talk shop.  The shared ideas and collaboration are very worthwhile.

On Saturday morning the Regional Board of Directors has an official meeting.  The CSI Houston BOD appointed me to serve as our chapter’s Regional Director.  The board meeting was fast paced and still lasted about two and a half hours.  Items of interest from the board meeting are:

  • Our Regional Conference will be in Frisco, TX on, April 5th -7th, 2018
  • A strategic planning committee was appointed and will report in April.
  • The board voted to drop the effort to arrange a tri-regional conference for 2020.

Each chapter gives a report to the board.  Some of the reports contain interesting ideas for us to consider.  My take-aways from other chapters are:

  • A chapter meeting that combines a membership drive with meet the board night. It was basically a happy hour with emphasis on members meeting each officer and discussing the role of that officer.  Plus, potential members were invited to visit with CSI members and get their views on the activities and benefits the local chapter.
  • Casino Night for the December holiday party.
  • Virtual golf tournament at Top Golf rather than a real tournament.

My take-away from the leadership training pertains to our value system.  As a CSI chapter, we know very well what we do and what we produce as a group.  We can also write down how we do these things.  The question that requires more thought and deliberation is why.  Why do we do these things?  Why do we believe that our CSI Chapter is relevant and essential?  Simon Sinek’s model is below.

Example of our what/how/why:

WHAT we do:  Educate, promote collaboration, mentor, network, etc.

How we do the above:  Elect officers, monthly dinner meetings, events, presentations, website, post.

Why the chapter does these things:    to be filled in by the reader


As soon as you determine why CSI Houston is important to you, distill your thoughts into a concise word, phrase or sentence.  Please let me know know what you come up with.

Bill Fairbanks, CSI, CDT
President, CSI Houston Chapter