President’s Message – May

By Bill Fairbanks, CSI, CDT

The group discussion at the April meeting covered the full scope of the submittal process as only CSI can do. A collaboration of architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and product representatives focused on a single topic, asking questions, sharing experiences and expanding their knowledge in a practical way. Everyone picked up something of value to apply in their work.

A point that I tried to highlight is the excellent reference and training resources that the Construction Specification Institute has provided for our industry. There really is a logical, organized system in print for managing the submittal process.  It is found on pages 388 to 396 in the Project Delivery Practice Guide (PDPG) 2nd Edition. This is the latest version of CSI’s publications on best practices. In 1967 CSI called this book the Manual of Practice. Many of you may remember the later name, Project Resource Manual.

CSI now publishes the Practice Guide series and the PDPG is the introductory volume in the series. Describing it as introduction is an understatement. The volume is 8.5 x 11 inches and contains 471 pages. And it is easy to hone in on the topic you are looking for because it has 8 outline style pages in the table of contents.

Every person reading this message should insist that your office obtain a copy of the PDPG. Review and apply a few things from Chapter 15-Construction and your industry partners will appreciate your professionalism. It is also a good training tool for new hires. If the company will not provide it, I suggest that you invest in your career and buy it yourself.

The PDPG is the recommended study guide for the Construction Documents Technology exam. As an aid to exam preparation, the PDPG provides a conceptual understanding of the entire construction process. It also addresses skills that can be applied immediately in construction documentation development and administration, specification writing and use, product research and selection, and an understanding of the roles of the entire project team, aiding communication and increasing your confidence.

The CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide is a must-have reference on standards and best practices for the delivery of a construction project. It provides fundamental knowledge for the documentation, administration and successful delivery of construction projects. It also serves as the pivotal starting point for understanding CSI’s core values. This easy-to-follow guide is a great introduction to the construction process for the new practitioner. It also functions as a ready reference for the experienced construction professional. The book offers general information all construction professionals need for understanding their roles in the delivery of a construction project. Key principles are presented and discussed in detail to allow the reader to take full advantage of material covered in depth by the more specialized CSI Practice Guides.

The CSI Practice Guide series is another outstanding example of the value that CSI brings to construction project delivery. Please demonstrate the value of your CSI membership by sharing this information with your boss.

We hope to see you on Tuesday, May 22 at the HESS Club.

Bill Fairbanks, CSI, CDT

President, CSI Houston Chapter