President’s Message – June

By Bill Fairbanks, CSI, CDT

We received a number compliments about CSI Houston’s May meeting and educational presentation.  Dr. Jacob Borgerson had promised to tell us everything we ever wanted to know about concrete but were afraid to ask.  Nevertheless, the Houston chapter is never afraid to ask!  Interesting questions from our veteran specifiers always add value to our meetings.  Even questions about the jargon or acronyms helps many in the group keep up with our discussion.

Sixty-two of our colleagues registered for the event; alas, only 47 showed up.  The month before, 23% of the registrants became no shows.  Our planners have not yet developed a magic formula to predict how much food and refreshment should be purchased based on the registration.  We order food 36 to 24 hours before the event. Please make a note:

  • Email invitations are sent weekly. The last one goes out a few of days prior to the event. If there is any uncertainty, waiting until the last week is better than registering early and forgetting about it.  I set a re-occurring reminder in my calendar for registering the week before.
  • Cancellations are ok. If your plans change, we understand.  Send me a 5 word email.

The June meeting will introduce our new Board of Directors.  The 2018-2019 board members are experienced in their positions and chapter management in general.  I know they will do a terrific job for the chapter.  For optimum effectiveness, our group should work to strengthen our committee system.  Regrettably some committees consist of one person.  Others are currently non-existent, so the Board of Directors has assumed those responsibilities.  With today’s technology committee meetings require little driving.  Participating in a committee is a great way to make friends in the industry and expand your network.  June is the best month to join a committee. Let any board member know that you are ready to get involved.

On July 1stJames Sandoz, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA will become the 60th president of the CSI Houston Chapter.  James has a ton of chapter, committee, and board experience.  He is the consummate professional with strong leadership skills.  We are extremely fortunate to have James as president.  Our chapter has a bright future with dedicated and astute leaders.

I have enjoyed the high honor of serving as president of this chapter.  I greatly appreciate the support from so many volunteers.  Our board members, regional leaders and the folks at Institute are wonderful people to know and work with.  CSI is a very special community.  The relationships and the knowledge that I have gained has enriched my career and my life.  Thank you all for allowing me to steer the boat for a season.

Please join us for the Awards Banquet, Home Coming and Year End Celebration at Harold’s.

Bill Fairbanks, CSI, CDT

President, CSI Houston Chapter